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Welcome to fishforclicks online

"It takes more than 'good looks' and 'good luck' to build a successful business online. Everyday leading UK companies are deploying fishforclicks cutting edge online strategy and marketing solutions to gain significant Internet advantage"

Internet Marketing Strategy

Everything we do at fishforclicks is based on a desire to develop 'best of breed'
products and services. This plays an important part in our day to day product
development which allows us to carry over this consultancy is ethos into our
clients projects.

A website developed by fishforclicks differentiates itself from one developed by
a traditional web design agency by being primarily focussed on your business and
putting your business processes at the centre of the project. Only then is the
website developed, using the best in modern design and usability principles to
address the business aims and objectives.

Business function
The fishforclicks e-business strategy team will look at your business, market sector
and customer needs in order to prepare our designers with a brief to build a
website which will facilitate your businesses aims and objectives and dovetail with
your offline operations.

Design & Usability
Our usability design focus will combine corporate brand building with an effective content delivery system for your business message.

Web Development

fishforclicks approach to website development
fishforclicks are a progressive Internet web design and marketing company with the vision not only to build a high quality, highly functional usable website
for you, but to extend the reach of your new business through effective online marketing, ensuring a measurable Return On Investment from the web project.

Your website will be handled by the same project management team from initial
website development proposal, through website design to the ongoing marketing
and maintenance of your site. Your project manager can and will call on all our
various specialities over the course of the process and will act as your point of
contact with fishforclicks.

Website development process
The initial quotation supplied by fishforclicks will detail a full specification
including breakdown and costs for the research and development stage of
the website up to Launch. An outline of likely costs associated with marketing
and maintaining the website over the first 12 months will be included so as to maintain full financial transparency.

Each stage in the development is marked by a clear set of deliverables
with your sign off necessary before progressing to the next stage. A web
development project is often fluid in nature and prone to costly overruns,
we have found our approach will allow you to remain in full control of the
project and, in conjunction with your project manager drive the project at
your pace and in the direction you require.

The process of developing a website with fishforclicks uses this model to
ensure the website is designed and built to ensure the business aims and
objectives of the website are met