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Siver Package

Package InfoGreat for small websites

  • Web SpaceWeb Space: 5,000Mb
  • BandwidthBandwidth: 30,000Mb
  • DatabasesDatabases: Upgradeable
  • MailboxesMailboxes: 1000
  • FTP AccountsFTP Accounts: 10
  • 1-Click Installations1-Click Installations

Price Only £2.99 per month

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F1 Package

Package InfoPerfect for medium sized websites

  • Web SpaceWeb Space: 20,000Mb
  • BandwidthBandwidth: 60,000Mb
  • DatabasesDatabases: 100
  • MailboxesMailboxes: 10000
  • FTP AccountsFTP Accounts: 10000
  • ecommerce viableIdeal online shop package

Price Only £8.99 per month

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Business Package

Package InfoFor the most demanding sites

  • Web SpaceWeb Space: unlimited
  • BandwidthBandwidth: unlimited
  • DatabasesDatabases: unlimited
  • MailboxesMailboxes: unlimited
  • FTP AccountsFTP Accounts: unlimited
  • SSL CertificateFree SSL certificate

Price Only £14.99 per month

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1-Click Installations


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